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Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Tommy Sheridan Guilty Of Perjury verses Donald Trump Guilty Of Lying

Moral, ethical or sheer principled reasons, whether former Socialist MSP which really say's allot or reputed renowned entrepreneur of notoriety, rather than noteworthy. Your word should be your bond and in whom we trust. Need I explain the terminology and in which context, probably not? My personal long standing opinion against from the outset for ecological, environmental and sustainable reasons, will never change. Plus the fact that there are 2368 Buildings At Risk in Scotland, which need some tender loving care, without devouring further natural habitat "Manage efficiently what we have built". The solidarity of belief or sentiment has changed for other reasons, predominantly empathy towards fellow Scots being bullied and harassed, plus unscrupulous tactics. "Oblivious to or contemptuous of what is right or honorable".

Recent polls that have actually taken place via the Scotsman as an example, not a fabricated version emulated via Trump in the BBC interview link below. Has dramatically swung against rather than in favour after his lies, deceit and treatment of fellow Scots have been made public knowledge. The various opinion polls shows that three-quarters of Scots are opposed to any plans Trump might have to use compulsory purchase to evict families to make way for his antiquated luxury leisure development. "Trumpton on Sea". 

This contrasts with the strong local support that Trump claimed for his scheme. I as well as others are entitled to our opinions, after all we live in a democracy, with freedom of speech! The notoriety, handle and or description surely can now be substantiated and justified by the BBC's portrayal in which Mr Trump has blatantly lied on National Television to the viewing audience and the Nation of which he has made countless half hearted promises.

“The administration on Aberdeenshire Council should be ashamed of itself for not having stood up for local residents before now, but perhaps the prospect of a public revolt will change their mind,” said the Green MSP, Patrick Harvie.

“Donald Trump has been unwilling to leave protected areas of countryside alone, and has threatened to force local people from their homes. His style is to bully people rather than to negotiate with them, and Scots surely won't stand for it.”

Harvie argued that it was now increasingly unlikely that Trump’s “gated community for the rich” would ever be built. Trump International Golf Links Scotland did not response to a request for comments.

The anti-Trump group, along with the Scottish Green Party, commissioned the pollsters, YouGov, to ask over 1,100 Scots last month whether or not they supported evicting local residents to accommodate the Trump development. Only 13% said they backed the move, with an overwhelming 74% opposed. LibDem voters were most opposed to the idea, by 86% to 7%, followed by SNP voters, by 73% to 14%. Aberdeenshire Council is controlled by a coalition of LibDem and Conservative councillors.

Question will it ever be called into the Court of Session? perhaps if he'd duped Rupert Murdoch maybe! An even bigger fish in an even bigger pond!!! Either lying in the dock or out of the dock on National Television swearing an oath on such a sensitive issue, matters not. SSSI "Site of Special Scientific Interest" professed to be of "National Importance" of Allegiance (Judicial or Official Oath, even unofficial to the people Nationally) of loyalty. Ultimately to the people we all serve, whom our word should be our bond and in whom they trust. Whether your an MSP or Entrepreneur there is no difference in my book and probably yours, it's called social responsibility.

You the jury are you still out on this one?

Documentary "The Spirit of Business & The Values of Principles"

Aim to be Michael Moore of Scotland, not mythological, true to myself, and my beliefs for a very successful and progressive Scotland via unique innovation, ideas, concepts and visions, that will continue sustainable lasting and meaningful legacies for Scotland! Through macro and micro initiative and "Method of Operating" being ignored or traceable, organic locally sourced incentives being wasted. We will be exploring Banking, Finance irregularities, and catastrophic failures, plus continual self centred preservation monopolies. Through to humongous calamities by bureaucrats, politicians via continual errors in judgment, detrimental to our wealth and well-being. Plus business and planning processes and the inconsistencies via a multitude of planning and business applications that have no consistent logic or coherent pattern? Scholars and Academics, Historians, Physicists, Psychiatrists through to various Professionals from different specialist areas and fields and Business People, plus ordinary folk will be involved in the process and partake via interviews. Wishing to contribute towards making a meaningful difference, evoking, plus proving significant change for the better of us all.

Should Donald Trump have been given the go-ahead for his golf resort?

The Energy Wall

The Energy Wall
Micro Wind Energy Renewables Set Within The Landscape

Local Heroes

The spirit, camaraderie, unity of the residents at Menie has not truly or honestly been captured. We intend to signify their courage and conviction in the face of belligerent and arrogant tyranny.

The World Need a Jolly Green Giant

We don't have a "Jolly Green Giant" Corporation but we do need an Eco Environmentally Sustainable Iconic Brand, with ethical values and principles via it's environmental stance.

Angels Of The North "Scottish Angels & Saints"

Calling Scottish Patriots romantic & passionate about Eco values. Creative enlightenment revived, vigor & valor of our spirit, culture, heritage and history, renew innovation. Takes one icon to act.

The Energy Sails & Awnings

The Energy Sails & Awnings
Micro Wind Energy Renewables Within A Sailing Context

Thinking out of the box

Therefore I have formed a Co-operative/Consortium like motive operandi applying inherent value and intrinsic value towards it current pledgeholders, future shareholders and anticipated investors. Beyond the mere principle value of itself and Co-operative/Consortium Partners, who share the same values and principles towards executing, performing and delivering overwhelming and unconditional current pledgeholders value, future shareholders and anticipated investors value and returns, beyond mere monetary values and principles but more importantly Ecological and Environmental dividends and returns. Towards making a substantial and prolific difference, through evoking, plus provoking necessary change in attitude, behaviour, culture towards the ecology, environment and the built environment.

Your Country Needs You

Ask not what your country can do for you but what you can do for your country. Or go further what can you do for the people of this World? "Be a Social Responsible Entrepreneur" Action!

I Stand For Goodness What Do You Stand For?

We all have the ability to stand up and be counted. Lift our heads above the parapet, make a difference, be that change. Especially unique and innovative ethical ideas for the better of all.

Other Local Heroes

Extremely admirable the protest and statement Doctor David Kennedy made. I would concur that Donald Trump is by no means an exemplar or shinning idealogy for students to admire or follow.

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