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Thursday, 22 September 2011

Nick Clegg ~ I never worry about action, but only inaction. ~ Winston Churchill

Scott Northcott
Founder Visionary
The QU Consortium & The ARK Foundation
C/o Clive Franks Senior Partner 
Franks MacAdam Brown
9-10 St Andrews Square

Nick Clegg
Deputy Prime Minister's Office 
70 Whitehall 

Cc: David Cameron Prime Minster & Vince Cable Secretary Of State For Business

Thursday 22nd September 2011

Open Letter E-Mailed & Posted  

Dear Deputy Prime Minister

Nick Robinson's BBC Political Editor described you yesterday as previously comparable to the great and legendary Sir Winston Churchill Via Clegg mania pre-coalition. That is before tough and difficult decisions were made that changed your voter popularity but ultimately the real question via the current economic battle of Britain, if not the War Of The Worlds. Is can you lead us to economic recovery and ultimate victory and a sustainable, plus prosperous future? 

It is quite easy and there are endless simplistic solutions for extremely complex problems, if one is prepared to upset the apple kart and shake up the Status Quo. Which evidently and obviously created this economic dismay and carnage that brought us here, without any real personal ramifications or consequences for their failures or irregularities, financially. For those hardest hit are the working class blue collar and now middle class white collar workers!

Let us therefore eradicate our nations pain, anger and frustration which are ultimately sustainable and ethical jobs of thicker value, plus principle's for our brighter, cleaner and purer futures, with longevity. It won't be easy, as the current solutions executed have not delivered or performed the desired results. Therefore further painful choices are urgently required and needed, that most definitely wont be easy if one holds onto failed remedies and antidotes.

Quite simply, we need to design and orchestrate our own ideas which we create, plus produce via manufacturing of innovative, plus imaginative and extremely unique concepts. Un Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon recently said that "There is something seriously wrong with our current model of economic development" of course there is, if the entire populations does not benefit across the board with sustainable incomes but more to the point simultaneously impact our ecology and environment by jeopardising our children's sustainable and cleaner futures.

Therefore keeping it simple and stupid, we not only propose but hold and also have access to various proven and conceptual designs of patented with some pending, along with other conceptual and imaginative newtech, cleantech renewables with an infinite amount in the pipeline to transform the current build environment as we know it. But some very bold and brave decisions will have to be made to make these groundbreaking perhaps even world-leading radical reforms and transformation.

The ultimate objective being ethically sustainable prospects, jobs, futures, outlooks and opportunities for all via a Socially Responsible Profitable Enterprise of an Eco Environmentally Sustainable Transformative Movement aiming towards balancing our communities, lifestyles, outlooks, aims and goals achieving an equilibrium across the board in commercial, as well as ecology and environmental terms. With conditions that are acceptable based on the technology we have at our disposal.

There are no invidious choices within and the perception is more than right but ultimately actions speak louder than word.  Both myself and my colleagues are prepared to act Never give in, never give in, never; never; never; never - in nothing, great or small, large or petty - never give in except to convictions of honor and good sense” ~ Sir Winston Churchill

Yours in anticipation

Scott T. Northcott
Founder and Visionary

Documentary "The Spirit of Business & The Values of Principles"

Aim to be Michael Moore of Scotland, not mythological, true to myself, and my beliefs for a very successful and progressive Scotland via unique innovation, ideas, concepts and visions, that will continue sustainable lasting and meaningful legacies for Scotland! Through macro and micro initiative and "Method of Operating" being ignored or traceable, organic locally sourced incentives being wasted. We will be exploring Banking, Finance irregularities, and catastrophic failures, plus continual self centred preservation monopolies. Through to humongous calamities by bureaucrats, politicians via continual errors in judgment, detrimental to our wealth and well-being. Plus business and planning processes and the inconsistencies via a multitude of planning and business applications that have no consistent logic or coherent pattern? Scholars and Academics, Historians, Physicists, Psychiatrists through to various Professionals from different specialist areas and fields and Business People, plus ordinary folk will be involved in the process and partake via interviews. Wishing to contribute towards making a meaningful difference, evoking, plus proving significant change for the better of us all.

Should Donald Trump have been given the go-ahead for his golf resort?

The Energy Wall

The Energy Wall
Micro Wind Energy Renewables Set Within The Landscape

Local Heroes

The spirit, camaraderie, unity of the residents at Menie has not truly or honestly been captured. We intend to signify their courage and conviction in the face of belligerent and arrogant tyranny.

The World Need a Jolly Green Giant

We don't have a "Jolly Green Giant" Corporation but we do need an Eco Environmentally Sustainable Iconic Brand, with ethical values and principles via it's environmental stance.

Angels Of The North "Scottish Angels & Saints"

Calling Scottish Patriots romantic & passionate about Eco values. Creative enlightenment revived, vigor & valor of our spirit, culture, heritage and history, renew innovation. Takes one icon to act.

The Energy Sails & Awnings

The Energy Sails & Awnings
Micro Wind Energy Renewables Within A Sailing Context

Thinking out of the box

Therefore I have formed a Co-operative/Consortium like motive operandi applying inherent value and intrinsic value towards it current pledgeholders, future shareholders and anticipated investors. Beyond the mere principle value of itself and Co-operative/Consortium Partners, who share the same values and principles towards executing, performing and delivering overwhelming and unconditional current pledgeholders value, future shareholders and anticipated investors value and returns, beyond mere monetary values and principles but more importantly Ecological and Environmental dividends and returns. Towards making a substantial and prolific difference, through evoking, plus provoking necessary change in attitude, behaviour, culture towards the ecology, environment and the built environment.

Your Country Needs You

Ask not what your country can do for you but what you can do for your country. Or go further what can you do for the people of this World? "Be a Social Responsible Entrepreneur" Action!

I Stand For Goodness What Do You Stand For?

We all have the ability to stand up and be counted. Lift our heads above the parapet, make a difference, be that change. Especially unique and innovative ethical ideas for the better of all.

Other Local Heroes

Extremely admirable the protest and statement Doctor David Kennedy made. I would concur that Donald Trump is by no means an exemplar or shinning idealogy for students to admire or follow.

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