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Tuesday, 1 May 2012

QU&ARKer's & Consortium Partners

Good morning all

May Day historically is quite a significant date; we aim to accomplish the same legacy and exemplar but a sustainable one, of longevity. We hope this e-mail finds you extremely healthy and well during these extremely challenging and extraordinarily tough economic times, which seem to be regrettably continuing. A double dip can only occur, when we actually and factually truly recover from the first. Moving on in a positive way, for those of you that are familiar with KONY2012 you'll understand the premise, theme and purpose of the attached, care sourcing as opposed to just ordinary crowd sourcing. For those that don't or haven't heard about the social media Global impact it's made, here is the link
It is for you to investigate, plus make your own evaluation but we at QU & ARK can categorically assure and guarantee you that the only ulterior motive and hidden agenda behind our mission and purpose is, mean, clean, green, affordable, plus abundant renewable energy. Whether that be by vertical access wind turbines that Professor James Blyth couldn't master, admittedly he nor they had the aeronautical knowledge of today or the technical computerized simulation and modern day advantages of sophisticated wind tunnels to measure their performance in 1886 but as we say there are always simple solutions for complex problems if you are imaginative enough.
Or Bio-Fuel Tech via Algae cultivation process that even RD "Research & Development" via Shell failed to master after hundreds of million of pounds of research and development. Both publicly and privately funded. We cannot go into the nuts and bolts of either at this stage or the infinite amount of potentially commercially sensitive disruptive technologies that have been presented to QU & ARK via inventors, scientists and professors all around the World. But what we can advise you, is that we have identified enough to truly change the 21st century built environment paradigms for the better of mankind, whilst being kind to our Planet.
Affordability, correcting an imbalance, plus a void equilibrium is our agenda and is our primary objective, aim, goal and medium to longer-term ambition. What we will say to conclude, is that the hundreds of thousands that have already connected to the QU & ARK message, story and journey is about to be increased quite substantially, perhaps quantum leap beyond our wildest dreams. Many digital media agencies suggest, based on the open, honest, frank and transparent but most of all authentic nature of our viral activity i.e. ethical agenda. They believe this will be bigger than KONY2012 without the cynicism or scepticism towards our ethos motive and visible agenda.
Prevention is better than cure and again it is not for us to say or influence your views, opinion and perspectives, plus beliefs but hope you do as we do believe that greater changes and quite drastic, even radical measures need to be introduced, to create a difference, perhaps simply by an approach that might seem unconventional but how successful have the supposed conventional models been? 
Thanking you in advance for your time, observations, plus continued support and intentions to step up our ethical game and create an imaginative change and phenomenal difference. 
Yours in anticipation, best wishes & regards Scotty.
Founder & Visionary of QU & ARK

Dear QU & ARKer’s & Consortium Partners

The purpose of this official and formal letter is, one to establish your continued support and intention and two to reconnect via a progressive up-date, leading towards a collaborative aim and goal of mobilization, plus commercially brainstorming. With a view of three, reconfirming, plus ultimately reaffirming your individual support and best intention intertwined with that of your organizations towards collaborative alignment with QU & ARK.

My recent actions lead to circumventing the Banks, many of whom have historically issued supports and intentions, without sufficient follow through or a mutually shared “Eco-Socially Responsible” agenda and worthy action indicative of our QU & ARK shared ethos and Global ideology. The decisive action we speak of is that we recently wrote directly to Sir Mervyn Allister King, GBE, FBA the Governor of the Bank of England and Chairman of the Monetary Policy Committee. A copy of which can be seen here

You’ll be pleased to know that not only did we obtain an initial acknowledgement three days after our initial communication but we had also been advised that a formal reply would be forthcoming in due course. That formal reply and recognition was duly received 12 day after our original introductory letter. Quite rare and refreshing to finally receive some form of recognition, especially from the office of the Governor of the Bank of England, who has been made aware of our correspondence and is grateful to those that take the time to write to him personally.

Ultimately our objective had been to get myself our QU & ARK vehicle noticed via our objective, aims and goals and to that end this has pretty much been accomplished. An inclusive request had also been made to register via the procurement section of the Bank to provide a service. It is with this in mind that we wish to clarify both your position and that of your organizations, by gratefully requesting a detailed outline over and above historical supports and intents of your current terms and conditions, plus fee base for that of yourself and that of your organizations, by return please. Fully inclusive of your continued support and collaboration.

Our Agenda over the forthcoming months.

We think the formula for continuing Time is Now is the one discussion that needs to continue. Thus enabling us to make a combined impression on the world's media and sustain a corporate structure that can be maintained through revenue of a solid foundation that will eventually make a difference via Eco-Socially Responsible agendas, focusing on ecological, environmentally sustainable medium to long-term aims and goals, with short-term objectives. We have to be more proactive and results oriented. I think we were so focused on influencing policy makers and captains of industry, that we may be forgot that we can start smaller and build our reputation and indeed cash flow via social media activities, of which we’ve been hugely successful based on the limited resources available - which will enable us in turn to attract the attention of the former, after the latter i.e. the people are advocating our activities, of which they are already but millions as apposed to hundred of thousands - so let me see if we can outline a plan that will enable us to be successful, in holding policy makers and captains of industry more accountable and responsible based on our purpose. i.e. Totally self sufficient and sustainable communities from, mean, clean and green but affordable, plus abundant renewable energy.

(1)      Website & platform, plus stage, premise & theme being to engage, entertain & educate a Global audience. Chance for individuals to show of their own personal contribution, as well as a future leader and exemplar, plus fee based accreditation by a QU &ARK standard.

(2)      Various media productions

(A) 3D animation heading “Changing the 21st century built environment paradigms.

(B) Comedy sketch “Eco-Social Apprenticeship” Donald Trumps ideas verses our Scott Northcott & that of QU & ARK’s. It’s going to be really engaging, entertaining and educational for all.

(C) Science class heading “Simple solutions for complex problems” pitch initially to adults, leading to consent to pitch their children for whom our habits of a lifetime & behavioral changes, plus vital energy consumption alternative differences need to occur. Because it really does matter as the clock is ticking, to make something happen right here right now, the time is now. Will be a continual theme!

(3)      QU & ARK Ethical clothing line, tee-shirts, sweat-shirts etc intertwined with other promotional awareness items. Moving eventually into a complete & comprehensive clothing line & other promotional items, perhaps a future QU & ARK catalogue. All contributions are relative!

(4)      Sponsorships, strategic alliances, via brands & agencies, plus media.

(5)      Produce a concert in? Country as of yet to be determined? Where ever the political will & desire exists, plus the people warm to the meaningful theme & ultimate purpose! Currently Germany is leading this initiative, closely followed by Scandinavian countries and North as well as South America.

(6)      Continued focus & concentration on £1M pledges & 100 hundred prestigious founding members of QU & ARK VI&IP “Very Innovative & Imaginative People.” Via managed risk pledge process. (Until Political will is visible & truly existent, therefore minimizing future shareholder/investor risk.)

An ecologically and environmentally stunning area and location, as the backdrop will be our natural model as well, significant in our message, story & journey. It must be capable & able to more than adequately cater, plus deal with 100,000 attendees via transportation and infrastructure etc. Our primary objective, aim and goal of an event and or events, must be that of mass awareness & global mobilization of people towards Eco-Socially Responsible motivation, themes & purposes. It will not follow a LiveAid or LiveEarth theme but a new rhetoric and theme yet to be disclosed, that will change the events industry as well as the energy industry and built environment we primarily wish to influence. To cast off & quash misconceptions & misleading perceptions of inefficiencies & exorbitant capital expenditures, plus poor performances of renewable via mean, clean and green but affordable, plus abundant renewable energy. Never been seen or even comprehended technologies. Through sufficient & adequate mass media engagement and entertainment, plus education of the entire World & changing these paradigms.

Approximately £100,000 sterling risk capital, finance, pledge or donation is required as seed capital to kick start the immediate execution, performance & delivery of the above. We then intend to pre-sell tickets prior to the event and or events as all concerts with a view of create a further fund for additional costs & expenses. We anticipate ticket prices variable from daily £100 standard to £250 VI&iP “Very Innovative & Imaginative People” weekend £200 to £500 VI&IP, which may vary, subject to increases as apposed to decreases.

What this creates is an event and or events that in effect becomes our exhibition for various unique and innovative mean, clean and green but affordable, plus abundant renewable energy technologies. That we have identified, qualified, quantified & will constantly rectify, plus continually verify leading towards the events. Thus establish the initial stage & platform, for vital & urgent essential changes necessary to shift our unsustainable energy habits of a lifetime & behavioral changes through an initiative of a significant theme, purpose & difference. We cannot think of anything greater to aim for, accomplish and achieve!!!

We would welcome all comments and continued supports, plus intentions by return please. Thanks, Scotty.

Documentary "The Spirit of Business & The Values of Principles"

Aim to be Michael Moore of Scotland, not mythological, true to myself, and my beliefs for a very successful and progressive Scotland via unique innovation, ideas, concepts and visions, that will continue sustainable lasting and meaningful legacies for Scotland! Through macro and micro initiative and "Method of Operating" being ignored or traceable, organic locally sourced incentives being wasted. We will be exploring Banking, Finance irregularities, and catastrophic failures, plus continual self centred preservation monopolies. Through to humongous calamities by bureaucrats, politicians via continual errors in judgment, detrimental to our wealth and well-being. Plus business and planning processes and the inconsistencies via a multitude of planning and business applications that have no consistent logic or coherent pattern? Scholars and Academics, Historians, Physicists, Psychiatrists through to various Professionals from different specialist areas and fields and Business People, plus ordinary folk will be involved in the process and partake via interviews. Wishing to contribute towards making a meaningful difference, evoking, plus proving significant change for the better of us all.

Should Donald Trump have been given the go-ahead for his golf resort?

The Energy Wall

The Energy Wall
Micro Wind Energy Renewables Set Within The Landscape

Local Heroes

The spirit, camaraderie, unity of the residents at Menie has not truly or honestly been captured. We intend to signify their courage and conviction in the face of belligerent and arrogant tyranny.

The World Need a Jolly Green Giant

We don't have a "Jolly Green Giant" Corporation but we do need an Eco Environmentally Sustainable Iconic Brand, with ethical values and principles via it's environmental stance.

Angels Of The North "Scottish Angels & Saints"

Calling Scottish Patriots romantic & passionate about Eco values. Creative enlightenment revived, vigor & valor of our spirit, culture, heritage and history, renew innovation. Takes one icon to act.

The Energy Sails & Awnings

The Energy Sails & Awnings
Micro Wind Energy Renewables Within A Sailing Context

Thinking out of the box

Therefore I have formed a Co-operative/Consortium like motive operandi applying inherent value and intrinsic value towards it current pledgeholders, future shareholders and anticipated investors. Beyond the mere principle value of itself and Co-operative/Consortium Partners, who share the same values and principles towards executing, performing and delivering overwhelming and unconditional current pledgeholders value, future shareholders and anticipated investors value and returns, beyond mere monetary values and principles but more importantly Ecological and Environmental dividends and returns. Towards making a substantial and prolific difference, through evoking, plus provoking necessary change in attitude, behaviour, culture towards the ecology, environment and the built environment.

Your Country Needs You

Ask not what your country can do for you but what you can do for your country. Or go further what can you do for the people of this World? "Be a Social Responsible Entrepreneur" Action!

I Stand For Goodness What Do You Stand For?

We all have the ability to stand up and be counted. Lift our heads above the parapet, make a difference, be that change. Especially unique and innovative ethical ideas for the better of all.

Other Local Heroes

Extremely admirable the protest and statement Doctor David Kennedy made. I would concur that Donald Trump is by no means an exemplar or shinning idealogy for students to admire or follow.

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